Questions And Answers


What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds which is slowly taking over the internet. Imagine instead of looking at photos of artworks on websites or instagram, you could visit a photorealistic 3D virtual art gallery with a personalized avatar, socialize with avatars of other real life people and even chat with the artist himself regardless of where you are in the world.


What makes Arter Heaven special?

There are so many things I could cite but I’ll list only a few, starting with the obvious, the photorealistic and high quality designs.

The galleries I design are built to be complimentary with the artists’ style and artworks that are being exhibited in them. This gives the people visiting them a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Next, the opening hours. Your local art gallery might have opening and closing hours because the staff has to sleep. The internet on the other hand never sleeps which make these galleries accessible 24/7 through your web browser with just a click on the link.

Last one, how many times have you missed an art expo because of your location. How many times did you attend an art expo and you wished the artists were around so you could talked to them. Apart from those artists who already made it to the after life, the metaverse gives artists and their audience a chance to communicate with each other regardless of the countries they are in.


How does Arter Heaven work?

For the emerging artist looking to reach a broader and international audience, I help you turn your artwork into NFTs, showcase them in the most frequented marketplaces and exhibit them in one of the galleries in the metaverse.

For the already established solo artist, you can rent one of the gallery or have your own personalized gallery available all year round for your solo exhibitions.

For the established art gallery, you can rent one of the gallery to exhibit your artists in the metaverse, or have your own personalized gallery available all year round to compliment your real life gallery’s exhibitions.


What is the fee structure for individual artists and galleries?

You will find on the pricing page the necessary information regarding the different fee structures and options.